Informing, Criticising and Making Fun of the Beliefs and Practices of Mormonism

Dangerous Persuasions: Prophet or Predator


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  1. I am Christine Marie, the one in this video. Thank you for posting this. FYI – Many important parts could not be included due to time restraints. It sometimes appears that the minute my false prophet said something I did it without thinking. It does not show the mind games, comparison to church doctrine, justification in scripture or events church history. It shows only a fraction of the religious extortion, spiritual blackmail, or psychological manipulation, coercion and abuse. It only implies physical abuse & threats, instead of showing it. The “historical documents” = sealed portion of the Book of Mormon. My prophet = new Joseph Smith.

    It is difficult to watch and it makes no sense to those outside the church who do not understand a Warren-jeffs-like influence over someone. FYI – I did not give up my children, they went to live with their dad for a little while – it was his turn over the summer anyway. People outside the church assume I could not have been a normal person. They do not understand cult mind control or how critical thinking turns off when under severe psychological manipulation, or how I was trained to believe there was no Euthyphro Dilemma ( because the prophet delivered God’s will, therefore what the prophet said was morally right. And the prophet had the power to determine what I needed to do to merit eternal life.

    I am posting here on this site because after reading “About MoBugger,” I was touched and felt safe to post a public comment for the first time. Although it is not so evident in this video, I had no choice but to “obey or lose my eternal life, my eternal motherhood.” It is a unique but powerful double-bind, but you & your readers should understand this, where others don’t. Feel free to ask me questions before assuming the worst.
    Kind regards – Christine Marie

    February 3, 2013 at 6:36 am

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