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The LDS Church’s ongoing obfuscation about polygamy


LDS Racism


Mormon Ambassador: Cognitive Dissonance, a.k.a. Doublethink


Mormons and Polygamy


The Ancient Paths: LDS Church’s New Statement on Racism

Interview with Don and Jerri A. Harwell from the Genesis Group, an auxilary of the LDS church that represents African Americans.


A Utah Woman’s Ability and Dedication Makes Deciphering Lost LDS Sermons Possible

I can’t help but wonder how many of these “lost sermons” will be published considering the controversial nature of many of the teachings of early LDS leaders.

Kay Burningham – “Are Mormon Leaders Above the Law? Fraud in the Inducement and Mormonism: An Historic and Contemporary Look”

Mormon Priesthood Fraud

Stages of Mormon Grief

Joseph Smith and Fanny Alger Affair

Richard Packham: “Truth Will Prevail: All About Proof, Evidence, Fallacies and Lies”

Grant Palmer: Joseph’s Changing View of God

Micah McAllister: “Exit Strategy: Leaving Mormonism with your Dignity and Integrity Intact”

Micah McAllister was a lifelong Mormon until his departure from the church in 2008 at the age of 29. That same year he founded the social network for ex-Mormons:

Q&A with Former Mormon Bishop, Lee B. Baker

Brother Jake: Meant Symbolically

History of Polygamy in Mainstream and “Fundamentalist” Mormonism

Sandra Tanner on the Character, Motivations, and Death of Joseph Smith

Nutty Mormon History 2 (with Mithryn)

Nutty Mormon History 1 can be found HERE.

A Mormon Doubts: Former Church Leader Talks of Crisis of Faith

The Joseph Smith Papyri (Book of Abraham)

The Internet Is Destroying Mormonism

Joseph Smith got some ideas from his parents and other relatives

The Shocking Facts About Mormonism

Joseph Smith’s Top Hat Found…