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My name’s Anthony and I’m an Ex-Mormon

I’m an Ex-Mormon, Ex-Christian, & Ex-Atheist

Curtis Penfold: Ex-BYU Student, LGBTQ Ally, Feminist, Activist, Ex-Mormon

Extended Cut (11mins):

Q&A with Former Mormon Bishop, Lee B. Baker

Chris Johnson – “How the Book of Mormon Destroyed Mormonism”

Chris Johnson’s Ex-Mormon Conference talk explaining the research that found a connection between “The Late War”(1816) and “The Book of Mormon”(1830)

Chris Johnson’s website: Ask Reality

8 Reasons Your Religion May Be Harmful

Mormon Skeptic: “No Ma’am That’s Not History” review

The Mormons are making me sit down to pee, like a girl. What next?

How Don Figured Out How Not To Be A Mormon

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Exposing Mormon Persuasion

To Those Offended By My Exiting Mormonism Series

Richard Dawkins: FFRF Convention Speech 2012

Richard Dawkins talks about Mormonism, specifically Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, at 52:20.

Book of Mormon: Glass windows?

Sunday Sermon: The Best of the Hitchslap

Becoming an Atheist

The Book of Mormon is Dumb

Exiting Mormonism 7: The Word of Wisdom

More ‘Application Approved’ than ‘Called by God’

The “Other” Mormon Heroes

Make-up Free and in my Pajamas ~ Soul Searching Girl

An LDS Sister Refusing to Acknowledge a Problem

John Dehlin: Why Mormons Question

Top 10 Mormon Problems Explained

Bill Maher Talks with Ex-Mormons