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Ex-Mormon: Removing Your Records

Micah McAllister: “Exit Strategy: Leaving Mormonism with your Dignity and Integrity Intact”

Micah McAllister was a lifelong Mormon until his departure from the church in 2008 at the age of 29. That same year he founded the social network for ex-Mormons:

Failed Attempt To Deconvert My Mormon Family and Friends

Mormon Skeptic: Priorities, God or family

Draw My Life – Jazza (Josiah Brooks)

The Resurrection will Fix Gay Mormons – Elder Bruce Hafen

Trapped Mormon Testifies

Why Our Family Left The Mormon Church

I don’t usually post videos that include a lot of positive comments toward Christianity. In fact, I was very nearly put off embedding it, but I found out that this family left Christianity one week after making this video.

A Temple Wedding Memory ~ Ex-Mormon Story

Exiting Mormonism 2: The Teen Years

Mormon Families Are Forever

The Young Atheist Show: A Mormon Girls Diary

Stay LDS? What About Family?

Mormon Family, Atheist Me

Stephen Fry’s Mormon Encounter

“Families are Together Forever. My name is Kerri Bodie and I’m an Ex Mormon”

Joe & Gwen share their gay Mormon story

Driving Guilt

“I finally, completely, love myself. My name is Eva and I’m an Ex Mormon”

Interview with Mormon Comedian Bengt Washburn